Sustainable & High Quality Packaging?
Yes, it is quite possible!

1st Thing About Your Product

The Packaging

The first thing a customer sees when purchasing a product is the packaging. The packaging delivers your brand's perception and perception is everything when it comes to marketing your company, while providing a sense of trust and minimizing cognitive dissonance with the purchase.

At Multiple, we believe smart, sustainable and high quality packaging at reasonable to low prices is possible. You just have to be creative and know the right partners.

See some examples

Examples are the Best Way to Get Ideas

Below you will find some examples of the types of packaging we can provide, at reasonable prices while preserving quality and the environment. These are just examples to trigger your creativity and by no means represent an exhaustive list of the types of packages we can deliver. They are just here to initiate a conversation...

Paper Bag with Hole Handles

Totally customizable

Wooden Wine Bottle Box (Open)

Totally customizable wooden box with sliden cover

Cardboard Tube (Open)

Could have a paper lining for more elegance

Simple Product Box (Unfolded)

Totally customizable

Shipping Bag (Poly)

Totally customizable

Tote Bag

Canvas, jute or cotton. Totally customizable

Wooden Wine Bottle Box

Totally customizable

Gift Bag

Totally customizable

Gift Bag (Bottle)

Totally customizable

Gift Bag (Regular)

Totally customizable

Food Tray

Totally customizable

Paper Shopping Bag

Totally customizable

Your Ideas, Budget and the Sky are the Limit

Let's Talk About What Your Best Options Are

Luxury Yet Sustainable

From the classical wooden or cardboard alternatives to more creative or premium leather ones, these packaging products are only samples of what could be manufactured upon request for our customers. Made of natural materials, they dissolve rapidly in nature and do not pollute or otherwise damage the environment unlike other alternatives. Our products offer high-quality presentation of your products.

All our products are made in Turkey, a member of the European Union Customs Union (EUCU) and therefore could benefit from a special tariffs treatment, unlike other far-eastern countries. Furthermore, shipping will be less costly, faster and more eco-friendly, with a lighter carbon-footprint.

Our Catalogue

Feel free to download and consult our online catalogue for more information. If you believe there is an opportunity to cooperate to improve your brand's image through quality packaging, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can together determine your best options.

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Paper Gift Bag
Wooden fork and knife
Wooden fork

Premium Events

Stylish yet affordable and practical choice of disposable wooden table and presentation products for takeaway, in store, office or dinner parties, picnics and special events. Made of FSC certified birch wood, they dissolve rapidly in nature and do not pollute or otherwise damage the environment unlike their plastic alternatives.

The products do not include any chemical treatment and are 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable.

For Your Next Event
We speak your language!

Multicultural Partners

With our multilingual and multicultural team, we can assist you in English, French and of course Turkish languages. The 2 partners, one Turkish and another Swiss, that founded Multiple Consulting have also been expats themselves in various countries.

We believe it is not enough to know a language but the to understand the culture to better appreciate the needs of customers and to more effectively communicate with one another.

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