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Indirect selling and business partnerships are the surest and fastest ways for your business to grow its business and achieve its growth and revenue goals.

60 %

Indirect Sales represent more than 60% of transactions carried out in the Information Technologies (IT) industry

# 1

Indirect Selling is the safest way to achieve your growth goals while respecting your budget

100 %

100% of leading companies in the IT industry use Indirect Sales as their major axis for development

9 months

The average time saved by companies adopting our methodology to launch their Indirect Sales

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Experts in indirect sales and business alliances

We are delighted to announce that Multiple Consulting has made a strategic partnership with PAD Consulting, based in Versailles, France, for the development and improvement of indirect sales channel programs.

For 15 years, PAD Consulting has been developing a unique methodology on the market, combining expertise and operational tools to help you quickly structure and develop an efficient and profitable indirect sales network for your company.


More information about PAD Consulting

Here is a brief interview with Benjamin Causse, Managing Director of PAD Consulting, as part of the B2B Rocks event in June 2022, where Benjamin answers questions from Amal Laoui, presenter of the "Le Lab" show and columnist on Smart&Co, on the process for new customers wishing to develop their indirect sales channel with partnerships and alliances.

Duration:4 min 10 sec
Language: French
Subtitles: English or Turkish

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A range of solutions for Indirect Selling

PAD Consulting offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of each stage of your business partnership strategy.

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Is Indirect Selling right for your business?

Our GO PAD solution allows you to make the decision to launch your indirect distribution network thanks to a detailed assessment of the conditions for success and the potential impact on your business.

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A turnkey solution to start and manage your Indirect Sales network

Our VISION PAD solution allows you to quickly structure and industrialize a partnership strategy thanks to a methodology provided by recognized experts in Indirect Sales and commercial alliances.

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Measure the performance of your Indirect Selling strategy

Our DIAG PAD solution allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your Indirect Sales strategy thanks to an exclusive methodology and an in-depth audit of your existing partner network.

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Optimize your indirect network with our thematic workshops

Our OPTI PAD workshops allow you to target and optimize the key components of your Indirect Sales organization in a flexible way with concrete and tangible results for your development.

Not training is preparing to fail!


A one of a kind academic course for Channels Managers and sales forces

Our TRAINING PAD solution allows you to continuously improve the skills of your Indirect Sales forces, channel managers and partnership managers thanks to modular training and an exclusive educational approach.

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